• The Unmode Show ep3 23-03-22

    The Unmode Show ep3

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    Back once again with another 2 hours of “radio”. Gonna be doing these more often now.

    1. Ana Roxanne - It’s a Rainy Day on the Cosmic Shore
    2. Ahmet Kaya - Uşşak Tevhid
    3. Georgia - Bendires Trasher
    4. Shackleton & Wacław Zimpel - Primal Drones
    5. Hector Zazou - Etudes (Strates)
    6. Samuel Organ - Second Skin
    7. Ichiko Aoba - Horo
    8. Oklou - Fall
    9. Perila & Ulla - Leather Sofa
    10. Unmode - Untitled
    11. Jam City - Greenhouse (Day)
    12. Kara-Lis Coverdale - Touch Me & Die
    13. Seungmin Cha - 지금은 우리가 (Now, We Are)
    14. 2562 - Winamp Melodrama
    15. Unmode - Untitled
    16. David Toop - Always she seemed to be listening to some foray in the blood, that had no known setting
    17. 7038634357 - Sugar Armor
    18. Gordon Hempton - Riverside quiet with insects, birds and rippling river in riparian zone
    19. Sharp Veins - Tanzawa II
    20. Flora Yin-Wing - Tirta Empul
    21. Ben Salisbury & Suvi-Eeva Äikäs - Object Input
    22. Unmode - Untitled
    23. Cam Deas - Rhythmic Landscapes 2
    24. Unmode - Untitled
    25. MVRK - Possible Planets
    26. Galen Tipton - Pillow Fight
    27. Scott Gordon - Shake Mountain Chain
    28. Shapednoise - What Is It Like?
    29. Buunshin - All About This
    30. Michael Speers - ορμή
    31. Gabey Tjon A Tham - The Monads
    32. Source Direct - Approach & Identify (Demdike Stare Cross Border Incursion Remix)
  • Netmaker/Wireguard for the home LAN part 3 - Personal VPN Tunnel

    engin akyurt via unsplash

    In the third part of this series on Netmaker/Wireguard for the home LAN, (part 1, part 2) let’s set up another wireguard network, featuring our external vps server which we’re going to use to browse the web from a different IP address to dodge ISP filtering, much as one might via a commerical VPN provider.

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  • Netmaker/Wireguard for the home LAN part 2 - Home LAN Gateway

    rijksmuseum via lookandlearn.com

    This is part 2 of the “Netmaker for the home LAN” article, and in it I’ll go over instructions for setting up a home LAN gateway using netmaker and wireguard.

    This will consist of a single node running on our LAN server which is also running the netmaker instance we set up in part 1. I’ll also describe the process of connecting “external clients” to the network, phones, laptops etc. This is netmaker’s term for wireguard clients that aren’t directly managed by netmaker.

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  • Netmaker/Wireguard for the home LAN part 1 - Installation and Config

    Wireguard Logo Netmaker Logo

    I’ve recently been working on setting up a personal VPN “infrastructure” with wireguard. Previously, I’ve been using a very simple setup to tunnel from my home connection to a server hosted in the US, to get around ISP web filtering.

    Recently, when out and about in a coffee shop, I found myself needing access to files on my desktop workstation, and had to traipse home to complete my work. This pushed me over the edge into finally setting up a home VPN, in order to securely access my home LAN from the internet.

    While wireguard is easy to configure, it (deliberately) doesn’t include any features for provisioning new clients or managing configurations generally. This is where netmaker comes in. It’s a configuration management layer for wireguard, capable of pushing out wireguard configurations to clients. It’s capable of provisioning complex fully meshed networks, but we can use it to manage a fairly simple wireguard setup.

    In this article I’ll describe how I run netmaker with docker-compose, and how I handle some aspects of the configuration. There are also steps to bring the whole thing up. In part 2, I’ll describe the LAN gateway implementation, and part 3 will go over the “personal VPN” aspect.

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  • How to permanently remove the Qualcomm aptX HD notifcation from your android phone

    This bastard

    adb shell cmd package uninstall -k --user 0 com.qualcomm.qtil.aptxals

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